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1JZ 2JZ 4 bar map sensor GM mount bracket 1/8npt Connector push lock Kit turbo

CI Pro Series 1JZ/2JZ 4 Bar MAP Sensor Plug and Play Kit

CI Pro Series 1JZ/2JZ map sensor kit is a complete plug and play kit designed for those looking to turn up the boost. The sensor will support setups looking to make 43+psi of boost. This kit will work perfect with AEM, Haltech, Motec, and most modern Engine Management Systems with the standard 3 bar GM map sensor presets. This kit comes with a plug and play connector adapter which allows the factory 1jz/2jz map sensor harness to plug right into the CI Pro Map Sensor Kit. 

Clean Injection 4 Bar MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensors use state of the art bipolar op amp circuitry with thin film resistor networks built into each micro chip. Pressure changes are calculated on a true linear 0-5 volt scale via a specially designed silicon pressure sensor that also compensates for temperature changes. The unique ability to compensate for temperature changes allows the Clean Injection MAP sensor to remain a minimum of 99% accurate from 32 degrees F to 180 degrees F throughout its range of scale. With the true linear pressure vs. voltage scale there is never a need to re-tune at different altitudes as with other sensors. Included is our CNC machined billet bracket with a 1/8NPT port allowing the user to use push lock fitting (included), barb fitting, or AN style fitting.



  • Cases are designed to withstand in excess of 130 PSI without leaking
  • -40 to 260 degrees Fahrenheit temperature operating range
  • Able to respond from 10% of the pressure scale to 90% of the pressure scale in .001 seconds 
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • True linear scaling for excellent drivability at all load and vacuum levels
  • Compatible with all aftermarket engine management systems
  • Minimum of 99% accurate over full scale range under all conditions including temperature, altitude, and humidity changes
  • Allows for high boost settings, smoother engine operation, and better drivability than competitors turbo MAP sensors
  • Each sensor is hand assembled, pressure, and function checked in the USA for unparalleled quality control prior to shipping
  • Anodized black billet Sensor mounting bracket with 1/8NPT threaded port
  • 1pc 1/4 Outer Diameter Airline 90 Degree Nickel Plated Brass Swivel Elbow Fitting
  • Kit Includes Sensor Connector, terminals, and seals to make for a perfect clean installation.
  • 1 Year Unlimited Mile Warranty

1JZ 2JZ 4 bar map sensor GM mount bracket 1/8npt Connector push lock Kit turbo


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