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AFP k series head studs acura k20

Replace your stock head bolts with ARP heavy-duty head studs. The stud design helps the head and the block equalizes the pressure better thereby creating a much more even and consistent seal. It is recommended to replace the head studs/bolts with a new set if the head bolts are ever loosened due to metal fatigue. Reusing old and possibly warped or stretched head bolts/studs will sacrifice the seal between the head and block and may cause head gasket leak. This is a great an easy upgrade when doing an engine rebuild or building a race motor.

Part # 208-4701



  • 06 Acura RSX K20A3
  • 02-04 Acura RSX Type-S K20A2
  • 05-06 Acura RSX Type-S K20Z1
  • 04-08 Acura TSX K24A2
  • 02-05 Honda Civic SI K20A3
  • 06-11 Honda Civic SI K20Z3
  • 02-06 Honda CRV K24A1
  • 03-05 Honda Accord K24A4
  • 03-06 Honda Element K24A4
  • 06-07 Honda Accord K24A8
  • 07-08 Honda Element K24A8
  • 01+JDM Honda Civic and Integra Type-R K20A 
  • K24 Block / K20 head swaps.

ARP K Series Head Studs Honda Acura K20A K20Z3 K24A 208-4701


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