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CI 4 bar Stainless steel MAP sensor Pressure Sender Connector 1/8" NPT
Clean Injection 4 BAR MAP SENSOR with Connector!



Clean Injection offers our new high quality stainless steel PSIa sensors in 4 Bar. PSIa is referenced to absolute zero. Absolute zero is the pressure measurement when all the pressure exerted by the atmosphere has been removed. The most common use for absolute pressure sensors is reading manifold pressure. PSIa sensors are required of you wish to measure vacuum. A PSIa sensor will read about 14.5 PSI when the sensing element is exposed to atmospheric pressure at sea level however they can be recalibrated to read zero at atmospheric and a negative number at values less than atmospheric pressure. Clean Injection pressure sensors are the perfect companion to any ECU. Clean Injection sensors are built to custom specifications in an ISO9001 Certified facility. The latest developments in sensor technology are used to create an extremely compact sensor, easing installation in cramped engine bays and chassis. All sensors are compensated for temperature over a broad range and accurately measure pressure within 1%. Sensor bodies are crafted from 304 Stainless Steel and feature CNC cut threads and wrench flats for reliable sealing and trouble-free installation. Sensor comes with connector, terminals, and seals for clean install. Sensor will also come with data sheet. 

  • Stainless-steel sensors accurate to within 1% of full scale (pressure sensors)
  • High-quality sealed sensor housings resistant to automotive fluids 
  • Connector, terminals, and seals included
  • Works on many aftermarket ecu including Haltech, Motec, and AEM. 
  • Sensor Pressure range: -14.5PSI-45PSI
  • Include 1 year Unlimited Mile Warranty
  • Supply Voltage: 5 volts +/- 0.25 volts

CI 4 bar Stainless steel MAP sensor Pressure Sender Connector 1/8" NPT


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