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sr20det s13 billet intake manifold with bosch 370cc fuel injectors
Here at Clean Injection, we have put together some of our most popular pro series products for the S13 owner looking for the biggest and best in the industry. 
Billet Intake Manifold with 76MM Throttle Body
Intake manifold design is critical to creating peak horsepower and torque.  We have designed the runners to taper down in diameter as the air gets closer to the cylinder head. This helps promote both an acceptable air speed and volume. Equally important is to ensure that each runner features equal lengths and diameters. This will ensure that each cylinder receives the same amount of airflow, at the same point during the intake valve cycle, to help promote equal combustion within each cylinder.


  • O-ringed throttle body flange creating a leak proof seal.
  • Accessible Vacuum Ports
  • Velocity Stacks for Optimal Air Flow
  • Port For OEM IAC Valve. Includes IAC block off plate. 
Anodized Black Billet Fuel Rail
  • Anodized Black Finish making it ideal for E85 or high ethanol fuels. 
  • AN6 End port with AN6 Male Fittings
  • AN6 Return Port and AN6 Optional port
  • Machined for 14mm O-ring Injectors
  • 18MM Bore large enough to supply fuels for setups making over 1300HP
Bosch 370cc injectors feature stainless internals and are compatible with all fuels including oxygenated fuel with MTBE. Compatible with all fuels including oxygenated fuels with MTBE such as  FTW, Q16, M5, C45 etcs. • High-impedance design (no resistor box required)  Ultra-fast solenoids for precise fuel metering • Linear response across wide range of operating conditions  


  • Set of 4pcs Bosch ev1 370cc fuel injectors 
  • Stainless Steel Internals
  • Compatible with a fuels including Q16, M5, C45 etc. 
  • Injectors are flow tested Statically and Dynamically. Packed in balanced sets within 1 percent of each other. 
  • Injectors will come with flow sheet with flow results at 3 bar, 3.5 bar, and 4 bar fuel pressure.