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honda acura boost by gear kit

Here at Clean Injection, we've designed the Boost By Gear kit for those looking to regain control over their turbocharged Honda/Acura under boost. When horsepower levels are increased drivability starts to take a toll. Taking control over boost levels becomes vital. Boost by gear allows you to take complete control over boost levels in any gear resulting in better drivability and traction. We have designed a simple plug and play kit that comes complete with everything needed to install and boost!


Clean Injection Boost By Gear kit features a fuse power tap that plugs right into an empty fuse slot or can be merged together with an existing fuse in the fuse box under the dash. The harness comes prewired with an obd1 ECU pin making repining into your existing ECU connector a breeze. This wire can also be cut and spliced if you prefer to wire it in instead. We have also made things much easier with prewired plug and play weather proof connectors on the MAC boost solenoid. No cutting or modifying wires necessary.  This kit will come by default with the mini fuse connector. However, if you need a standard size fuse tap just let me know after your purchase. 


The kit also includes an assortment of push lock fittings, 10ft of nylon DOT rated air line, and MAC 3 port boost solenoid with mounting bracket



  • 3 Port MAC Boost Solenoid with mounting bracket
  • 1 Breather fitting