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honda acura radium b series fuel rail kit with bosch ev14 550cc 650cc 750cc 850cc 1000cc fuel injectors
  Radium Engineering B-Series Fuel Upgrade Kit ! 

                                                              FUEL INJECTORS ARE NOT INCLUDED!

Up for Grabs is one of our most popular fuel upgrade kits for the B series OBD2 Honda/Acura Engines. This kit is designed for the enthusiast wanting a high-quality, clean, and simple way to upgrade the fuel system without major modifications.
  • Assembled using a combination of Russell, Vibrant, Fragola, and Earl's e85 compatible fittings.
  • Includes AN to Hardline fittings to tap into the factory feed and return lines. 
  • Radium Engineering 0-100PSI shock proof liquid filled fuel pressure gauge
  • Russell E85 40 micron inline filter with stainless steel cleanable/reusable filter element.
  • Includes -6an feed and return fuel lines with inline filter allowing the elimination of the factory large filter housing cleaning up the engine bay significantly. 
  • Fuel Hose: -6AN 3 layers (the internal layer made from high-grade NBR synthetic rubber material, the middle layer adopting premium 304 stainless steel wire mesh sleeve and the external layer made from high-quality braided nylon)
  • Radium B series Fuel rail Part# 20-0370-02
  • Radium Direct Mount Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator Part # 20-0623-00