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Nissan Skyline rb26det RB26 r33 r34 r32 Fuel Injector Resistor Box Delete

Nissan RB26 R32-R34 GTR Fuel Injector Resistor Pack Delete


Up for grabs is Clean Injection RB26 Fuel injector resistor pack Delete. Perfect for those that want to upgrade to the more common high impedance injectors such as Clean Injection Pro Series line of bosch ev14 injectors, Injector Dynamics, DeatschWerks, COBB tuning, and many more. Very simple install by simply removing the factory resistor pack and plugging in our resistor pack delete. Eliminates the hassle of rewiring the complete injector harness.

 The R32-R34 RB26DETT are fitted with low impedance injectors from the factory which requires a resistor box to protect the injectors and the ECU. Because the RB26 is fitted with a resistor box, only low impedance injectors can be used on the RB26. Low impedance /peak and hold injectors were used on early model vehicles that required higher flowing injectors. The Low resistance allows the injectors to open quickly using about 5-6 amps. The down side is the injector starts to run really hot due to the high current draw reducing the life of the injector over time. Late model vehicles fitted with High Impedance/Saturated injectors uses about 1 amp current signal to open which keeps the injector running at a much lower temperature making it a much more reliable injector than the low impedance design.


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Nissan Skyline rb26det RB26 r33 r34 r32 Fuel Injector Resistor Box Delete